The inspiration: Writing 201‘s writing prompt Landscape

Sun rays lick
ankles as they wash through
the trees. White rubber soles scrape
the cement.
Avoid glances cause you’re
Cause there’s no place like
your warm bed with
that person who also stares at
the ground cause they’re
tired too.

Nothing to digest,
no lessons learned while lessons
are taught, while
lessons are lectured and rambled and scrambled and
I need coffee to last through this
day, through these next few hours
of sleep-deprived attendance so I
get participation-
100 percent-
Dig for buried
treasure in your coin purse to
raid vending machines cause
you’re hungry, you’re tired.

Feet throbbing and back
breaking til I drop my
burdens onto the
bedroom floor, til
that person relieves himself of his
burdens and you’re together,
together in your horizon,
together to share and let go and build up and finally,
to wake up and do it
all over again.


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The crafty creator, imaginative writer, emotional musician, unconditional lover, ever-studious college grad, and optimistic friend behind 'my curious monde!' My Cajun background influences a lot of my love for the French language, hence "Monde" (World). The beauty of nature and the beauty in people inspire my writing. Every day holds a new adventure; keep those pretty eyes open!

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