Au Marais


My Beau and Mr. Squirrel


Mr. Squirrel and Me

Our university is the only one in the nation to have a swamp (un marais) on our campus! The excitement of this ecosystem attracts a variety of visitors. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful scene at our fingertips. Photographers, painters, and writers have all drawn inspiration from the swamp in many different ways.

My beau and I met a very polite squirrel one day who let us hand him some Cheese-Its. It may not be the smartest thing to be so close, no matter how cute he might be, but he very carefully took the cracker from our fingers with his little, yellowed teeth. We watched him in confusion when he suddenly walked away from us…he needed to pee! When he finished, he returned to fetch his cracker. He has more manners than half of our student body!




A nice place to tan

My brother came with me yesterday to see the swamp. The springtime brings the bursting yellow and purple blossoms of irises that brighten up the murky water like Easter eggs. We saw more alligators than I’d ever seen in one day. 6 was our final count. When I took this photo, I could only imagine this conversation: [Insert Gator Voice Here] “I don’t want to be in the mud, so you get down there and I’ll climb on top of you to catch some rays.” It was obviously the lady gator who couldn’t stand to get her paws dirty. (Do you call them paws?)

The swamp brings a diversity of people, but it also showcases many diverse creatures, from herons and egrets to bull frogs and gar fish. There are so many animals to spy, you’d never catch them all! Many lasting memories are made here, au marais.

❤ Michelle

Il Suffit De l’Amour


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