My New Toy: French Press Coffee Brewer!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here in my cozy internet cubby hole. I hope you can forgive me. I’m in my last semester of school (Bachelor’s Degree is coming!), and I have been so busy. The holiday between these last two semesters was certainly not long enough; I am still catching my breath from last fall.

But, ah, this winter has been good to me so far. I have a fun new internship where I get to apply my technology skills to my writing to create REAL articles and design informational slides for the campus to see! Everyone is so nice and helpful. I believe I really got the best deal in internships on campus. God does look after those who pray desperately (especially when I feel like I should control everything)!

I am writing this just after I finished the best cup of coffee I have had in a while. Yesterday my beau and I traveled down to our local World Market to spend my $10 coupon that would expire today. I couldn’t throw that away! I was afraid that I would mosey around until they turned the lights out without any luck on what to buy. Luckily, I happened upon the cutest little French Press Brewer I’d ever seen:

fr blog 1_Fotor.jpg

If you click on that [World Market] link up there, it will bring you straight to it. The packaging advertises that this is a 3-cup brewer, but it actually brews 1 1/2 cups. I wonder how those measurements were confused… 0.35 liters is equal to about 1.5 cups, no? I digress.

I decided that because this was my first time not brewing this beloved beverage in my Keurig or traditional coffee pot, I would share this exhilarating experience with you!


Step 1: Boil water; a tea kettle or a pot on the stove will do. In my little apartment, we have plenty of pots but no use for a kettle.
Step 2: Add your coarsely-ground coffee grounds; my brewer came with a scoop, so I measured out 3 scoops. It came out a little strong, but yummy. I found this Sumatra whole bean coffee and ground it in the back of their store; convenient. 🙂 I watched a video that said to respect the ratio of 1 gram of coffee per 17 grams of water. (That was a fun math problem!)
fr blog 2_Fotorfr blog 3_Fotor


Step 3: Now that your gorgeous grounds are ready and your water has been boiling, pour enough hot (not boiling) water to saturate the grounds. Wait about 30 seconds (as I heard in another video) to let the coffee “off-gas.” Then pour the rest of the water into the beaker with the grounds.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6_Fotor


Step 4: Set the lid on top without pushing the knob down. I know, it made me anxious, too! Gimme my coffee! -ahem- Turn the lid so the slits for pouring are not facing the spout. You want to “steep” your coffee, essentially. Steep for 4 minutes. Time it! Timing is important, as I learned in this video. (This one is, by far, my favorite. This guy has an awesome mustache and knows his coffee.)

fr blog 4_Fotor.jpg


Step 5: Press! Turn the pouring side of the lid toward the spout. Slowly, press down on the knob to allow the filter to gather up all of those naughty grounds floating around in there. You can see in the photo above how the grounds make a little brown, grainy cloud that you squish down to the bottom. Make sure to go slowly or the coffee might spew out! **Warning, this is still super hot!**

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 77_Fotor


Step 6: Pour! Yep, it’s time! Those 6 minutes of hard work paid off. (Isn’t that a chic little coffee pot?)

fr blog 5_Fotor.jpgfr blog 7_Fotor



The taste of the French Press coffee was so flavorful. Compared to the Keurig and traditional brewing methods, this coffee turned out rich and earthy like a warm hug. It was smooth and foamy, though a little muddy looking. This particular coffee wasn’t too bold a flavor, but it sure was cheeky! A couple hours later and I’m still wired.

If you’ve never tried Frenchly-pressed coffee, I recommend it. It is a new experience! Plus, it is super easy, portable, and electricity-free! (Except the boiling water part, which still can be done without electricity…)

Cheers –

❤ Michelle


P.S. Here is another video that helped me to quickly learn how to use my new French Press. This is the fastest tutorial yet!


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