Tempered Tuesday: 1

Temper (v.) – to fortify; a neutralizing force; improve hardness/elasticity of.

I have been thinking of a series I might begin to help inspire myself and my readers to push on in their busy, or hum-drum, lives. Life can be real rough at times, and most of the time I get frustrated with the problems that I’ll never be able to solve. Yet, don’t we all? We all want to fix everything—there has to be a solution, right?

I chose Tuesday as my day to wrap up my past week. I know it’s right smack in the middle of everyone else’s week, but Tuesdays seem to wind down for me because I don’t have many classes or responsibilities as on other days. Netflix, learning new chords on my guitar (learning slowly, but confidently), reading, and painting have become some of my new pass times in my free time. The last few weeks, Tuesdays have been my thoughtful days, most of the time not very happy thoughtful days. If I can write about my week, maybe they won’t be such unhappy days.

This series of Tuesday writings will be a collection of random links that I want to share with you all, and I hope we all can “temper” our minds and souls to become stronger and wiser for the rest of our weeks. It’s almost hump-day—that means the work week is halfway over. For those of us with weekends, whoop! Those who unfortunately work on weekends, I lend you this phrase which you would take the complete opposite way from Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey: “What is a week-end?”


Enough of the house-keeping—on to the tempering!

I went outside on my balcony to read Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee this evening, in the last of the afternoon sunlight. When I looked up from a very curious chapter, I noticed that there is nothing quite as beautiful as puffy, white clouds floating in a glowing, blue sky. It really was a stunning view. My neglected mums were droopy in the heated rays, and I felt terrible about letting them go thirsty. They haven’t started to bloom again, but their leaves are bright green and ready pop at anytime. Spring is already upon us here, as it was in the 80’s today (icky). By the time I got up to go inside because the sun had sunk behind the trees, their leaves were suspended on their stalks again, as if they were happy that I’d spent time with them outside! They are my pets, since we aren’t allowed any animals on campus.

Here are a few happies I’ve found this past week:

  1. An impulsive cat who realizes what he’s eating isn’t catnip…
  2. The latest “Captain America: Civil War” trailer with a surprising new character—betcha can’t guess!
  3. Inspiration for your story or novel, or just to get your creative juices a-flowin’: find a theme song
  4. A spring capsule wardrobe to give you courage to clean out that messy closet of mine—I mean yours…
  5. On a creative avalanche? Need a boost? Here are some compelling words to get that imagination kicking again!


How was your Tuesday? Any happy happenings to share?

❤ Michelle


4 thoughts on “Tempered Tuesday: 1

  1. Michelle, what a great name for Tuesdays. I am with you on weekends. Sometimes there is just too much, and we find the work spreading out over the week’s craziness. Your list is a wonderful collection of your personality. I will be pondering my theme song and taking a gander at my closet today. Thank you for linking back to my blog and for the inspiration!

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