Tempered Tuesday: 4

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to begin with an apology. I missed last week’s Tempered Tuesday… How about we give it another go? I’ve plenty of things to temper in my life, so I’ll double-up this week!


  1. MY POOR, SWEET PETS I live on campus, so I’m not allowed any pets in my apartment. The closest I can come is my plants…which are infested at the moment. (That’s a story for later.) When I go home most weekends, I’m able to play and love on them to make up for my absence. My oldest baby, Mittens, and I had a great time strolling through the yard and smelling all of the flowers.


    It was delightful. I don’t spend nearly enough time with them, though, and I also enjoy it. There are so many other things occupying me that I can’t always pull away to devote time to them while I’m there. I hope to have much more time this summer after graduation. My rabbit, Ashes, longs for snuggles! She waits too long for attention. My mother works and my brother…well he just doesn’t spend time with her like I do. I used to spend hours in the room with her, stroking her long face and ears. The other day, she got a little warm outside and stretched herself out to let her thick coat breathe. She was so excited when I walked through the door that she hopped up gleefully and gave me fuzzy kisses. I’d love to be able to give them the love they need so they are no longer lonely for  days at a time.


    Didn’t think a bunny’s tail was this long, didja?


  2. MY WRITING It has been too long since I’ve had plenty of time to think and write all in one session. I write the best when I have time to brainstorm and write as I go. When I was in middle and high school, I was able to sit at my computer screen for hours thinking and typing out short stories that never seemed to wrap themselves up. But just like exercising, I need to set some time aside for my writing. As much time as I waste, there has to be at least one day where I can take a few hours to become inspired and just write.


Some happies this week:

  1. The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming out this Friday; who’s ready?!
  2. When I don’t have my kitties, this website sings me their song… So relaxing… Try out their other sounds, too!
  3. Someone please bake me these macarons. Please.
  4. Quick and convenient yoga classes? Definitely doing this this summer! (Did I mention they’re FREE?)
  5. How expensive are dogs and the care they require? My cousin answers here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past links I’ve shared with you. Let me in on anything that made your day a little brighter, too!

❤ Michelle



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