First Day of Summer

Hello, dearies!

I hope you’ve had an awesome first half of June. Mine has been pretty eventful in the past few weeks, and I hope this week won’t disappoint either! A couple of weeks ago, my family from Nebraska came down to spend time with all of us, as they used to do every year. All of their children are grown and either married or in college, so it is difficult for them to make trips all together anymore. It was a blast! The cousin closest to me (we’ve been inseparable since elementary school) was psyched to be able to catch her first lizard, peel shrimp for the first time, and eat seafood every night. When I say we had stomach issues for the last half of the week, that is an understatement. At least three of us had queasy tummies, while most of us just had bloated bellies! I’m sure it will be a vacation none of us will ever forget.

All of us girl cousins went out for lunch. You can find this blonde beauty here, at her dog’s blog!
The next week my beau came in from New Orleans for most of the week. Boy was it nice to see him every day! After he left, though, it was time for me to tackle my most feared job: teaching. I was so lucky to be able to teach at Vacation Bible School at our local church, where we Submerged into God’s Word to know that we each have our own purpose and he loves each and every one of us the same. I’m hoping the kids learned as much from me as I did from them! They were sweet, although some misbehaved (aaaaand Michelle got to learn the best way of handling kids with attention disorders). It was a great experience that did draw me nearer to my Savior. I never will regret this experience! Being a teacher is difficult, and I’ve told everyone I’d never become a teacher with my degree. It took so much studying and effort for only 20-30 minutes of lesson, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences. The feeling I got after a little girl gave me a hug that Tuesday was just incredible! One little hug gave me the push I needed to have courage and believe in myself as a teacher. As long as I read the lesson, that’s all they needed from me; my concern was…will they learn from me? I hope they did.

Sea themed? Yes, please! (Hi Momma in the top left!)

Back to our title here: Happy First Day of Summer! As summer days go, I spent part of my (sultry) afternoon shucking corn for dinner, nibbling on juicy cherries, and watching my furbaby roll around in the grass, jumping after weeds. A bunny is passing by to snatch bird seeds and fruit as the smells of Momma’s fried eggplant and chicken wings are pollinating our nostrils. It was a beautiful day, and although it was hot, I am so thankful I got to spend the last of it outside.

Is this corn not the prettiest corn you’ve ever laid eyes on? Yes; yes it is.
❤ Michelle


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