October 8th


Robin is a photo-bomber.

I’m Batman.

– Batman

Day 8

I’ll always remember this day: my first Comic Con. Not only was I able to meet Jeremy Bulloch (aka, the original Boba Fett), I got to take a photo with the superhero of superheroes: Batman. Swoon. It was an exciting day filled with hustling and bustling through cosplayers and super-fans (one girl said no one who knew what fandom meant should even be there; she is partially correct) and ended in empty wallets, handfuls of artwork and sore feet.

One of the most exciting things about attending the Con was getting to see the  costumes people put together. There was a great couple dressed as Shaggy and Velma; Shaggy muddled around trying to find them seats at the panel just as cluelessly as in the show! There were incredible Star Wars costumes like Rey and Kylo Ren, but there was also a homemade Lego Batman (the most adorable child costume I’ve ever seen) and Diva, from the video game Overwatch.

My beau and I donned our Clark Kent and Lois Lane costumes and went out to have a blast. I soaked my feet in epsom salt tonight, but to my dismay, they’ll be pulsing in pain all night.

Totally worth geeking out today.


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