October 9th

The only problem is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten!

– Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Day 9

Among my many flaws, the biggest one is not being able to remember as much as I wish I could. I seem to forget everything. Not normal things to forget, like people’s names or birthdays, but more like information someone has told me before when they say it again, hardly ever being able to recall memories properly, and never remembering what words I need to use for whatever I’m trying to explain. I also have a grand habit of forgetting tasks that I need to complete after I’ve drilled them to myself over and over again. I forget about scheduled plans unless I mark them on my phone calendar. I even forget how to properly take a cake out of a pan so it doesn’t flop out and crack. It’s most annoying that I can’t remember the facts that I think I learned to help me in life. I admire my beau: he seems to remember almost everything he’s ever read or heard! He helps me remember. I definitely feel like Dory sometimes… Most of the things I can’t remember are things that happen short-term. I’ve always wondered why I have such a terrible memory. Not even post-it notes will help me to remember everything I need to do.

How do I forget that I’m working on a quilt? Psh. I guess I’ll stick a note on the bathroom mirror and remind myself that I still have months left of work to catch up on. I hope I never forget the happiest memories of this fall, like playing with the cats at Maw-Maw’s or the walk my beau and I took around the neighborhood. The air was light and chilly, and when we came back I could lay in bed and hear the passing trains go by as if they were right outside my window! I write to remember. I take photos to remember. I just can’t forget all the time.


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