October 10th

Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.

– Katrina Mayer

Day 10

We walked through the backyard where the tree-murderers did their deed and surveyed the damage. We were surprised to find an entirely fenced-in paddock where someone used to keep a horse. The old tin barn hidden behind those beautiful trees was unknown territory for us, so we had to explore.


Archway – The Entrance

There was a broken tree branch that had an old vine wrapped tightly round it. It looked as if it could be a wizard’s staff (Radagast’s maybe?). The yard is no longer shaded as well from the sun without the trees, but the sun finally touching the barn holds almost a nostalgic feeling. The stumps sitting idly, dead, in the dusty area were sad to see, and the saw dust could have been sandy-colored blood.

Thankfully they will leave some of the trees, so our animals will still have a chance of living here. On a lighter note, Mom and I chose a bag of assorted gourds to put on the table today, and I bought some pumpkin to cook with. This occasion marks the beginning of a fall baking palooza.


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