October 12th

Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up.

– Leonardo da Vinci

Day 12

In October, the sky is at its most beautiful. It is clear of clouds and impending storms, and its blue hue is deep and serene. Winter skies are sharp and bright, but autumn skies are peaceful and open. The sun isn’t at a blinding angle just yet, not like a winter sun. Cool, fall breezes accompany this sky with their arms wide open. There is no other day like a fall day.

We walked tonight under a darkened, but still clear, night sky. My cat, Mittens, jogged sternly alongside us as we strolled down the gravel driveway. We stayed out until dusk. Tomorrow we hope to go to the zoo. What a dream—being at the zoo on a day that is clear and cool!



2 thoughts on “October 12th

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