October 20th

What is a week-end?

– Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey

This weekend should be fun: we plan to decorate even more cookies, so my beau can get in on the action. Cookie party! Our weekend starts tomorrow, though, because my younger brother doesn’t have school. Hopefully now we will get to go to the zoo… We might even have to wear jackets. That hasn’t happened since…well March. It has been long enough with this sultry weather.

We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today and tried a new Nespresso coffee maker. It has little “coffee capsules” that you toss into the side of the machine to recycle later. Isn’t that neat? Even the grounds are recycled if you bring them to your local UPS store! The coffee was so rich, and I learned that the crema (layer of foam on the top of brewed espresso) is actually from the coffee, not milk foam! It was delicious. I found that it tasted similar to the french press coffee I made in this post. I’d consider saving up for this Nespresso Virtuoline model, but then I saw the Latissima model that’s just so hard to pass up. (Only… $200 more. *passes out*) Lattes are my super fuel, especially with a splash of hazelnut syrup.

What kind of random adventures are you having this fall? Are you an espresso person, too?


7 thoughts on “October 20th

  1. Michelle, you crack me up. I love coffee. Especially since I discovered the AeroPress (http://www.aeropress.com/product/aeropress). I like that I have control over the temperature of the water. Using an electric machine that heats water for you typically makes the water too hot and burns the grounds.

    Not this weekend, but, next, we’re hoping to attend The Rise Pumpkin Festival in L.A. http://www.therise.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRkPjYCYr9Q

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