October 24th

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

– Robert Swan

Day 24

I’ve always had a heart for the conservation of a healthy, natural environment. Trees should grow tall and produce oxygen for us, as well as provide homes and food for the creatures that live around us. Going green takes a global effort to really make a difference in our world.

Our oceans are also suffering; fish are being over-fished, trash is thrown into them as if it will just disappear. But animals suffocate by eating garbage or getting tangled up in them. In our local bayous, six-pack rings are left around, causing squirrels, turtles and fish to get caught up in them. Garbage also kills the foliage in the swamps and other bodies of water, which affects the ecosystem underneath. The fish and other animals eat the foliage in the water.

What are you doing to save your environment from suffocating under human waste? Do you recycle, too? Are you concerned at all for our environment?


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