October 26th

You ask about the soul nature of music, and are music and soul the same thing. Music is one of the expressions of soul. A person does not have to be consciously aware of soul connection for soul force to be expressed through that person.

– Dr. David Maslanka

Day 26

Today started with Wuthering Heights, pepparkakor (ginger cookies), and coffee. After her first bite, Mom twisted her expression and frowned at the cookies. “They need more ginger!” So, naturally, she was forced to confront the Swedish company…through e-mail, of course. Perhaps they’ll fix the recipe before Christmas? [Insert Skepticism Here]

My beau and I lounged this evening over shrimp poor-boys. The batter on the juicy shrimp was crunchy and had tiny bursts of black pepper. So delicious! It comes with a mayonaise, what I think might be cocktail sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. The bread comes in large loaves and is so toasty when served.

Afterwards, we went to our college alma mater and listened to the Wind Ensemble perform a Homecoming concert. With fall comes football season, which means homecoming, too. I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll attend the game, but it would be the one to go to if I want to go to at least one game this season; there aren’t many left at this point. The band is so talented! I got to see a few old comrades and congratulated them on their performance. There were two pieces that really stood out to me, one of which was a jazzy Bernstein piece, and another was a masterpiece by the very gifted composer, David Maslanka. I had the privilege to meet him a few years ago when I was playing in the UL Symphonic Winds. We were able to play one of his songs while he listened and critiqued us for an upcoming concert. One story that I will forever link with him, is the one where he painted a beautiful image of a quiet cabin in the woods of Montana—his home state—where he would sit for hours and write out scores by hand. If some of you aren’t too familiar with the concept of composing, imagine writing out notes and rhythms on a staff for each instrument in a band; talk about carpal tunnel! I digress. I was excited to hear the piece, and I am so excited to hear that Maslanka is returning to attend another concert in the spring.

What did you do today? Do you enjoy going out to concerts?

Post-concert with Dr. Maslanka–2014

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