Cocoa #3: Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Shots


Good morning, readers and bakers, alike! I hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday with family and/or friends. It was a really nice day here, the weather was a little warm, but the sun shone its beautiful face all day long. My family and I ate happily together at my grandmother’s house, and I occupied the attention of a 7-year-old cousin for about 4 hours. It all went very well, though.

We ate turkey, corn bread dressing, my own sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and lots of pies! My mom always makes the most beautiful and delicious pies. Our dessert selection included my mother’s coconut macaroon, pumpkin, and pecan pies; my great aunt’s devils food cupcakes (with cherries in the middle!); and my nanny’s apple and lemon meringue pies. You can imagine how full our bellies were after a heavy meal like that!

With our bellies still recovering from last night’s food coma, I’ll share with you a delicious, yet rich, hot cocoa recipe to try this evening (while I’m working Black Friday…)!

Today’s recipe is Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Shots. You’ll need three miniature mugs/demi-tasse cups for this recipe. It is so thick and rich that only Buddy the Elf could drink an entire mug by himself!

Your list of ingredients includes:

  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (you can decrease the amount to 1/4 C if you prefer)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Whipped Cream & Chocolate Sprinkles for garnish


We’re taking a whole new approach to this cocoa recipe today. Instead of cocoa powder, we’l be using Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. I recommend melting these first and your milk second. I melted the 1/2 cup of chips in a microwave-safe measuring cup on half-power for 1 minute and 10 seconds, according to the directions printed on my chocolate chip package. I stirred them up until the solid chips disappeared.

If you are more comfortable using a double-boiler on the stove, this method will also work very well for melting your chocolate. Don’t forget—chocolate can burn! And boy is it a pain to clean out…

Next, heat your milk (with your microwave back on High) for 1 minute – 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Once your milk is heated, add 1 tsp of Vanilla extract. I forgot to include this step in the directions on the recipe card! Mix that up together, and then add your chocolate. I used a whisk to mix all of these up really well.


See that red tint? You can use more dye, but this was enough for me!

Now it’s time for your red food coloring. I probably could have used more dye, but I decided to keep a light red tinge as my red velvet color this time. Feel free to use as much as you please! The richness of the chocolate should cover up any extra flavor the dye might add to your drink. Do keep in mind, though, that too much dye will have a bitter flavor.

Serve your cocoa into your three tiny mugs, and it’s time to add on your delicious topping! I used some “dark chocolate crunch” sprinkles on top of whipped cream, but you can use anything you’d like, or none at all! I just think some sprinkles add character. (And I’m nuts about sprinkles.)


The best part about this recipe is being able to share it!


To visit the very beginning of this series, check out My Basic Hot Cocoa.


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