Cocoa #6: Vegan Dark Chocolate Cocoa


Good evenin’, folks. Is it cold outside? For the first time in a week or so, it actually was chilly outside. My beau and I went to the local racetrack to watch the horses race. They were all so beautiful! It was a bit disconcerting that the bits in their mouths were on their gums instead of inside their mouths…but I have to ignore it because it is something that won’t be easily changed.

Wildlife has always held a special place in my heart, and I wish I could work with animals everyday. We can learn so much from them. I’m not on a Vegan diet, but I still respect animals and their contribution and part in the environment in other ways.

BUT! For all of you who are on this diet, I’m sharing with you my Vegan Dark Chocolate Cocoa.

Here’s your list of ingredients:

  • 2 tsp Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
  • 3 1/2 – 4 tsp Raw Cane Sugar (or other unrefined Sugar)
  • Small pinch Salt
  • 2 tsp Almond Milk + enough to fill mug
  • *Optional: Cinnamon Stick


“Second verse, same as the first;” combine all of your dry ingredients and mix ’em up really well: cocoa, sugar, and salt.


Next, add some of your almond milk and wet all of your dry ingredients before filling the mug up. Heat it up for 1 minute – 1 minute and 20 seconds in your microwave.


Then your rich, dark chocolate Heaven is ready! Because marshmallows and whipped cream are made of animal products, we won’t be using them today. You can visit this webpage to learn how to make your own vegan marshmallows, or just add a cinnamon stick to stir.


Love on those animals of yours tonight! They might be jealous of your chocolatey treat, so they might need a treat, too.


Let me know if you try this recipe and whether or not you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

Happy Cocoa-ing,

❤ Michelle

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The crafty creator, imaginative writer, emotional musician, unconditional lover, ever-studious college grad, and optimistic friend behind 'my curious monde!' My Cajun background influences a lot of my love for the French language, hence "Monde" (World). The beauty of nature and the beauty in people inspire my writing. Every day holds a new adventure; keep those pretty eyes open!

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