Cocoa #9: Movie Night Cocoa

Good morning and good evening, to all of you out there in WordPress world! I apologize for my tardiness with Cocoa #9. This cocoa isn’t based on any recipe, but actually a way to drink your cocoa.

My beau and I continued our Hobbit marathon with the second movie, The Desolation of Smaug, to watch with our cocoas. We both wanted just plain jane cocoas, so I made my Basic Cocoa for us both.

I love this time of year, not only because of the fantastic cold, dry weather, but also because of the air of the season: joy, giving, love, friendship, memories…. Even the hustle and bustle of scurrying gift-buyers that are way too restless for this “chill” season. 


How do you feel this holiday? Are you relaxed and enjoying the weather? Running around like a headless chicken? Maybe scared, worried, or hopeful? What kind of memories does the holiday season recall for you?

Sharing cocoa with others is a great holiday activity. It’s cozy and friendly. Cocoa seems to be a happy way to see two lives together for a moment or two. Sit back with your friend or loved one, watch a movie, talk, whatever makes you happy in that moment, and take a swig of your favorite hot cocoa. It makes you warm on the inside and out!

Here’s a basic cocoa recipe refresher!

❤ Michelle


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