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I collected these images from my vacation this summer in Nebraska. What an adventure it was! After my cousin has visited us for 20 years, I finally was able to join her in her childhood home. She showed me all the things I’d only heard about for years over the phone (and eventually Skype).

Air – When driving through Oklahoma, I was amazed at the hundreds of peaceful windmills lining the horizon.

Water – My cousin and I drove to Lincoln one evening, and she showed me the beautiful Platte River. I wanted to jump into my swimsuit and run to its current!

Fire – In Omaha, there are so many hills–many more than we have in Louisiana–so every evening while we were driving we had the most magnificent view of the fiery sunsets.

Earth – On the 4th of July, I folded a few origami animals I wanted to make, and this little bunny was one of them. I loved my aunt and uncle’s rock bed in their backyard. I even found a piece of amethyst crystal amongst the granite!

Comment a link below to your elemental photos so I can see them, and visit the Daily Post’s page to join the #postaweek community!

❤ Michelle


4 thoughts on “Elemental

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  3. So nice that you got to see your cousin after 20 years. It must have been a very happy reunion and hope the two of you had some nice long conversations 🙂 Lovely elemental photos, and each one is a different face of nature. What a cute little origami bunny you folded, with a very earthly, colourful piece of paper too. It looks like it’s tending to the garden…or simply wanting to play with some rocks 🙂


    • We did see each other about once a year, but she always would make the trip with her family. But the conversations were long and our adventures even longer! Thank you 🙂 I took hundreds of pictures on the trip. It was hard to choose!

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