Ooh, Shiny

I’m always distracted by the sky, be it sunny or rainy, daytime or nighttime when the moon is bathing the yard in blue. Yesterday a magnificent phenomenon happened in the sky—a total solar eclipse! The media wouldn’t let anyone live under a rock about it, either. When I saw these photos from two different friends, I thought, “Ooh, Shiny!”


At around 1:20pm, the light grew dull, though it was still sunny, and the temperature seemed to cool. The visible shape of the eclipse was a crescent from our location.

❤ Michelle

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The crafty creator, imaginative writer, emotional musician, unconditional lover, ever-studious college grad, and optimistic friend behind 'my curious monde!' My Cajun background influences a lot of my love for the French language, hence "Monde" (World). The beauty of nature and the beauty in people inspire my writing. Every day holds a new adventure; keep those pretty eyes open!

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