a selkie tale – part 19

Fenella jumped slightly at Oliver’s touch and felt her face grow warm. He’s holding my hand! Why? The selkie was too embarrassed to ask, so she closed her fingers around his, soaking in the last moments with her human friend.

Finally he stepped in front of her and took both of her hands. “Fen, will I see you again?” She could feel his heart rate growing faster. He was worried, as was she.

“I, um…” She found herself lost for words as she looked into his eyes; they were sad and looked glossy under his untamed bangs. After a deep breath, she replied, “I will find a way back, Oliver. Whatever obstacles I must overcome, I’m sure there is a way.” Her smile encouraged one onto Oliver’s face as well.

“Do you promise?” he asked.

“Of course.” Fenella let go of his hands and slipped off her canvas shoes Bridget had so-carefully sewn together that morning. Stepping into the water, Fenella felt a cold rush of energy sweep through her body, and she felt as though she could truly breathe again. “Oh this feeling–it’s wonderful!” Oliver lifted the seal cloak from his shoulder and placed it around Fenella’s. He kissed her hand and bowed, letting his feet sink into the sand beneath the waves. As soon as she donned the cloak, the water around her began to sparkle like starlight, in hues of blue and green. Oliver’s face lit up, and he watched, unblinking, as Fenella was completely enveloped by her own selkie magic. He could see her spinning and sinking into the water until finally the lights huffed out–leaving residual sparkles to float above the water like fireflies.

No, they were fireflies! Oliver gaped at the sight of her magic taking form. Suddenly there was a splashing, and a beast slid its way onto an outcropping of rock next to the shore.

It was a seal; its coat shimmered silver in the moonlight, and he could even see its speckles. Oliver looked about skeptically, seeing if Fenella had been playing a parlor trick on him. With the strange girl no where in sight, he decided to approach the seal slowly. It seemed to watch him, as if it were waiting for him. When he finally got close enough, it barked loudly. He jumped and stepped backward. Gathering his courage, the boy stepped ever closer, reaching his hand out. The seal bowed to him, letting him touch its head.

“Fen…?” he whispered. His eyes felt hot. “Is that you?” The seal lifted its head and blinked to him. He gasped. She nodded toward herself, beckoning him closer. When he knelt beside her, she touched his ear with her wet muzzle, making him laugh and pull away. But the fireflies–they’d returned!

“Oliver,” he heard a voice say in his head. He looked into the seal’s eyes. “Now we can speak, even if I can’t be with you on human legs.” Oliver wrapped his arms around her neck.

“Thank you, Fenella. For giving me the courage to fight for those I love, even when I endanger myself. And for your friendship. I do hope to see you again.”

“Farewell, Oliver. I’ll always remember how you saved my life.” The selkie reached up and stuck her salty muzzle right on his nose!

“Fen!” he laughed, drying his face with his tunic. “See you soon.”

He watched as she slid back into the silvery ocean waves, bobbing up and down toward the horizon. Just before he turned away, he saw at least two others fall in beside her.

a selkie tale – part 18

“Mum, we think we’re ready to take a wee walk on the beach. It’s not too far, we will be back soon,” Oliver said. His voice cracked when he said we will be back. In his honesty, he didn’t want Fenella to go. They’d only just met, and their experiences in only three days had brought them so close together.

Fenella looked to the floor as well. It would be terribly difficult to leave a new friend. “You see, our wounds have healed well enough for both of us to walk!” she pleaded with Bridget.

“Oh alright. It seems I can’t win. Oliver, stay safe. And pray, Fenella, don’t lose your shoes this time. I still want to hear the story how you lost them the first time. Oh–and if anything happens to either of you again, you’ll be locked inside unless you are accompanied by an adult, yeah?” Bridget was less than pleased to see them leaving again, but their wounds healed so quickly.

Her husband joined her at the kitchen table where she knitted and looked at her until she met his gaze. “You know,” he said, “Oliver hasn’t been so adventurous until Miss Fenella appeared. Where do you think she comes from?” He paused. “Do you think she will bring them bad omens?”

Bridget bit her lip and tears rolled down her round, flour-dusted cheeks. “I thought I might lose my lad. I can’t do it. We should follow them.” Her husband took her hand and led her to the door. What they expected to see and what would follow were hardly similar.

A wool cape covered Bridget’s aching shoulders as she strode in the cold winds that arose that evening, her protective husband in tow. They could see only the Fenella’s bouncing, red locks from the distance they followed, and they made sure to keep their torch low. Bridget looked back, affirming that they were definitely headed to the shore. Then her heart melted and she couldn’t help but smile. She stopped suddenly and took her husband’s hand again, pointing toward the pair on the beach. Oliver slipped his hand behind Fenella’s as they walked under the moonlight.

A Saturday Tale

It was a chilly, winter Saturday morning, and I wanted nothing more than to follow my New Year’s resolution and chase adventure!

My family decided to take a stroll through our local farmer’s market to visit an old friend (who sells thebest salsain the whole world) and grab a hot breakfast cooked to order. We enjoyed her quail egg breakfast sandwiches, as well as some baked cinnamon donuts by the most exquisite baker in town. Is your mouth watering yet?

We also tried some spicy BBQ sauce made with cane sugar, and warmed our frigid fingers to a blend of freshly ground coffee, made from a local couple. I’m SO grabbing a bag of that Sumatra next time! Pop that into the French press and steam away…

A couple of other goodies we found was a homemade king cake by the talented Mrs. Francis (who’s basically everyone’s grandmother), some chips created by a guy who was in the high school band with me, some divine pastries from yet another baker, and a bottle of herbal root beer kefir soda. I have to admit…I really dig this soda! It’s fermented with yeast, and the lady who makes them in town has so many flavors to choose from! When I visit her tent, it’s like going to a juice bar. She even has little fountains so you can taste a few different flavors to find your favorite. Be warned–these are considered probiotics! (And make you feel GREAT!) [Insert Thumbs-Up Here]

I’ll take this time to mention I also pet the most adorable boxer I’ve ever met. She’s chocolate brown with a satin coat, and the sweetest smile and tail wag! I made her extra excited, so she almost knocked her owner to the ground… She looked like this, just a darker brown.

I apologize for the lack of photographs, I seem to have been too concerned with keeping my hands warm that I neglected my phone! You can see a few of our buys here, though:

A Saturday Tale 1.jpg
Can you spot hard-boiled Mardi Gras quail eggs?

The Farmer’s Market was only the beginning of Saturday adventures, though. After running a few errands and resting for a couple of hours, it was time to get ready for the Polyester Power Hour PartyIt was a night filled with disco music by a local band, Krossfyre, and boogie shoes all around. The band was phenomenal! No one even needed a chair, because everyone wanted to dance. If you want to hear some clips, visit my Instagram post and swipe past the photos.

I’ve never really been “out,” as people call it, because I don’t drink, and I don’t prefer to be around a bunch of people who drink too much. It’s not usually how I have fun, so it was a new experience for me. But…this party was a riot, and my beau and I had a blast!

The main reason I had a blast was due to two people whom I’ve been dying to meet–the hosts of the morning show on our local radio station! I have been listening to them for nearly 15 years now, and it was an honor to meet them. It MADE. MY. YEAR. Thank you, C.J. and Debbie Ray, for being so kind to take a photo with me.

A Saturday Tale 2
-beaming with pure happiness-

What new experiences do you look forward to on the weekend? Once you have the chance to unwind and have time to do what you love?

❤ Michelle