Days with friends are so special;
they leave memories to last a lifetime.
Saying ‘yes’ time and again
opens one’s mind to new adventures;
and with new people,
the same adventures seem new again.
Who will you say ‘yes’ to this week?

I went out with work friends today; it was refreshing; here’s Maw-Maw’s pumpkins to spread my fall mood

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I’ve been struggling with purpose,
though I know everyone does sometime.
I feel as though I know what to do,
but I’ve lost the ability to direct myself.
One day I hope to open myself up
to someone else’s directives so
I can learn from them,
clear my own path through the wood.
I know it’s possible;
I know I can do it,
but the mere thought of my success
scares me.
Am I making sense?

I was just taking this picture of my cute mug, but now it looks like he’s judging me

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Almost no one can say that haven’t given their

Utmost effort and was paid what she deserved;

Today the feelings of being betrayed and

Utterly dejected filled my afternoon.

Maybe I ought to start telling myself

New things every morning for which I am thankful.

I like sunsets + clouds together

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The sun and fall breeze
left with the weekend’s ease.
It was a busy few days,
but it seems the way
Octobers go,
each weekend will be as so.
Party here and festival there,
finally Halloween, and we’re
halfway through fall when
we just waited for it to begin!
Enjoy this season in every
way–each autumn memory.

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a selkie tale – part 14

Fenella dropped to her knees and covered her ears. When she tried to open her eyes, they teared up in the smoke.

“Drop your weapon, you dobber,” Oliver threatened, “Or you’ll answer the same fate.”

“Ah, a wee lad and ‘is li’le friend. You’ll all be dog food by the time master returns. Likely he’ll be back soon after that fun shot,” the goon teased with hoarse laughter.

Fenella’s hand covered her mouth at the bloody sight of the unfortunate brigand, and her heart beat so heavily that she could barely hear their exchange. “Fen, come now.” Oliver beckoned her over, his gun aimed at the second enemy.

“You c’n take me, lad, but you won’t live to tell this tale! The group will be on their way back now.” He grinned with a few rotten teeth and inched toward them–and one of the pistols that had fallen from the earlier distraction.

“Retreat, swine! I’m not afraid of your stories.” Oliver stood strong, but Fenella just wanted to run. “Where did your lackeys run off to? The Gillespie Wood to take advantage of more travelers?”

“You think I’d tell you? Pray, tell me what brought you here, young lad, and without anyone to protect you?” He took another daring step forward.

Fenella bolted. Out of the cave and into the dark brush that waited beside the entrance to the cave. “Fen!” Oliver yelled. Two gunshots this time, two cries of pain, one after the other. Fenella stopped breathing to see if she could hear either of the men left in the cave, but she heard nothing. Twigs stuck into her feet, and she felt scratches down her arms which were already swollen. She covered herself with the seal cloak. After another moment of silence, she approached the entrance again, tears streaming down her face.

“Oliver?” she whispered. She peeked around the edge of the cave to see the second bandit lying on the ground in a puddle of red. Her stomach lurched. She closed her eyes and turned her head to her previous hiding spot. “Oliver?” she said a bit more loudly.

“F-Fen,” came a soft voice. Fenella almost couldn’t see through her tears.

“Oliver!” she cried. When she found him, he was laying on the ground, grabbing one of his arms. Blood pooled around him, and he writhed in pain. His breathing wasn’t steady, and his eyes were closed.

“Help…help me tie it up,” he said between clenched teeth. Fenella ran to his side and ripped the lining fabric from her dress, wrapping it tightly around his wounded shoulder. He thanked her, and together they were able to get him standing and out of the cavern.

“Oliver, I’m,” Fenella began to cry. He sat, puzzled on the ground behind the cave where they’d gone to hide. “I apologize! I shouldn’t have involved you in my quest. I should have heeded my mum’s instruction and never gotten lost! It’s all my fault that you are in such pain.” She wiped her face, leaving a brown streak of dirt on her cheek.

“There’s no need, Fen,” Oliver assured her, placing his good hand on her knee. “Remember I promise to help you? As a friend I couldn’t allow you to act on your own. You would have lost your way again.” He smiled, though the sign of his pain never left his brow. “Let’s find a way home before the others get back, yes?” Fenella agreed through her continuous tears and helped him up from the ground. She gazed worriedly at the thin fabric that was now completely bloodstained. He would lose so much before they arrived back in Gillespie. She recalled her father’s death to a shark, and the cloud of red around she and her family as they desperately tried to distract the shark from his target.

Shaking her head, Fenella made for the east side of the forest where they could hopefully avoid any further contact with the bad men.