Cool weather pairs well with gumbo,
especially with friends and not flying solo;
spicy sausage and chicken,
with a smell you could just bathe in;
perfect day with my team and no work woes.

here’s some dessert

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Autumn weather has arrived!
Cool breezes lift my hair from
my shoulders and
lift my feet from the ground,
making me want to dance on their gusts.
Tomorrow brings promises
of joy, appreciation of culture, and
hopefully tasty international cuisine.
Autumn weekends always seem to
free my spirit.

I tried my hand at Oogie Boogie from that one Tim Burton movie

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today was rough,
not even worth capitalization or
relaxation came but it’s almost over.
i want to sit in my chair
without indigestion over a missing document,
where i can look over and see my
rabbit’s eyes watching me sweetly,
hoping for a nibble of fruit as my next distraction.
not sure if freeform poetry
is your thing, but i’m not well-versed in poetry–
pun magnificently intended.
probably need sleep,
eyes closed for 7 hours straight
steady breathing
no stiff neck in the morning.
maybe i’ll have time for a coffee before work.
(we’ll see how it goes)

baby tree

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The sun is setting on
visiting hummingbirds’ vacation here.
They hum, buzz, chirp, and
fence with each other beginning in August,
but the fall weather–
less humidity, acorns falling, cool breezes, clear skies–
seems to hurry them on their way,
much sooner than we hope.
It is always an honor
to be nearly skewered
each time we walk out onto the porch.
See y’all in the spring–
bring me back a tan from Mexico.

right after this photo was taken, an epic fencing battle took place between beaks

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October skies are clear,
blue and peach paint the
sunset nightly.

Guitars, güiro, trumpets, trombones, vocalists
enlivened the stage tonight with
lifting sweaty people of
all colors and backgrounds from their
Always a party–
anyone always welcomed with
opened arms and swaying hips.

“America is not a country.
It is a continent divided into 3 parts:
North America,
Central America,
and South
It is my belief that anyone
should be free to move here
with good intentions.”

I clapped.

We danced in place;
now my feet ache.
We watched the
sun go down.
One man, though, danced with
such intensity and longevity that
I don’t think he will
walk properly tomorrow
He managed to
fan himself,
and drink…
all while dancing vivaciously.
He was the highlight.

Tamales punctuated our
evening, with a scorching
chili paste chaser–
an appropriately warm ending to
quite a sultry day.

Latin Music Festival – my feet hurt

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A Saturday Tale

It was a chilly, winter Saturday morning, and I wanted nothing more than to follow my New Year’s resolution and chase adventure!

My family decided to take a stroll through our local farmer’s market to visit an old friend (who sells thebest salsain the whole world) and grab a hot breakfast cooked to order. We enjoyed her quail egg breakfast sandwiches, as well as some baked cinnamon donuts by the most exquisite baker in town. Is your mouth watering yet?

We also tried some spicy BBQ sauce made with cane sugar, and warmed our frigid fingers to a blend of freshly ground coffee, made from a local couple. I’m SO grabbing a bag of that Sumatra next time! Pop that into the French press and steam away…

A couple of other goodies we found was a homemade king cake by the talented Mrs. Francis (who’s basically everyone’s grandmother), some chips created by a guy who was in the high school band with me, some divine pastries from yet another baker, and a bottle of herbal root beer kefir soda. I have to admit…I really dig this soda! It’s fermented with yeast, and the lady who makes them in town has so many flavors to choose from! When I visit her tent, it’s like going to a juice bar. She even has little fountains so you can taste a few different flavors to find your favorite. Be warned–these are considered probiotics! (And make you feel GREAT!) [Insert Thumbs-Up Here]

I’ll take this time to mention I also pet the most adorable boxer I’ve ever met. She’s chocolate brown with a satin coat, and the sweetest smile and tail wag! I made her extra excited, so she almost knocked her owner to the ground… She looked like this, just a darker brown.

I apologize for the lack of photographs, I seem to have been too concerned with keeping my hands warm that I neglected my phone! You can see a few of our buys here, though:

A Saturday Tale 1.jpg
Can you spot hard-boiled Mardi Gras quail eggs?

The Farmer’s Market was only the beginning of Saturday adventures, though. After running a few errands and resting for a couple of hours, it was time to get ready for the Polyester Power Hour PartyIt was a night filled with disco music by a local band, Krossfyre, and boogie shoes all around. The band was phenomenal! No one even needed a chair, because everyone wanted to dance. If you want to hear some clips, visit my Instagram post and swipe past the photos.

I’ve never really been “out,” as people call it, because I don’t drink, and I don’t prefer to be around a bunch of people who drink too much. It’s not usually how I have fun, so it was a new experience for me. But…this party was a riot, and my beau and I had a blast!

The main reason I had a blast was due to two people whom I’ve been dying to meet–the hosts of the morning show on our local radio station! I have been listening to them for nearly 15 years now, and it was an honor to meet them. It MADE. MY. YEAR. Thank you, C.J. and Debbie Ray, for being so kind to take a photo with me.

A Saturday Tale 2
-beaming with pure happiness-

What new experiences do you look forward to on the weekend? Once you have the chance to unwind and have time to do what you love?

❤ Michelle