Weddings come and go like roses:
one day they are open and vibrant,
the next they are faded with falling petals.

Thank goodness, though,
for when one is a bridesmaid,
her bank account ends up petal-less, too.

2-headed gold medal rose = my pride & joy

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The Super Bloody Blue Moon

Let me begin by admitting that before today, I wasn’t absolutely sure of the definition of a “blood moon” or a “blue moon.” Just in case you are also in the dark (pun intended), here’s some explanation!

Blood moon – a lunar eclipse where the moon appears to be red when shadowed by the Earth.

Blue moon – the second full moon in the same month.

Super moon – when the moon is closest to the Earth

This morning before work, Mum fluttered in like a sparrow before the sunrise to remind me of the all-natural, awe-inspiring, magical phenomenon that was the blue blood moon. I was lucky enough to capture a photo that didn’t blur.

Check it:

The Bloody Blue Moon

This super moon lit up the frosty grass with an azure glow. I find the moon mysterious, inviting. Moonlight is only a reflection of the powerful light that our sun creates, but it seems to breathe into us a different life force. While practicing yoga, I learned that the moon is connected to our feminine spirit. Could this be true?

Ever since I can remember, my mother and grandmother wouldn’t sleep well on nights of a full moon. I’ve had this trouble as well. (I’m sure there’s plenty of folklore to keep that tale afloat.) Could our bodies or spirits be connected to the moon like the oceans’ tides? Are we being tugged at in earnest, as the moon closely rotates our planet? Are we closer to our natural satellite than we understand? Is it electric? Is it emotional? Is it biological? Is it magnetic? Is it…spiritual?

Do you feel connected to the universe? Do you feel unusually connected to nature in some way? I’d love to know. 🌘

❤ Michelle

Photos of the Season

Autumn Lovin' Series Banner

Welcome back to the halfway-point of the Autumn Lovin’ Series! I take lots of photos (as my phone told me this morning I have run out of storage), and this season especially encourages me to capture every special moment. Mostly I’ve taken pictures of the sunset, but I love taking photos with my family and at events like festivals or other outings that I enjoy particularly in the fall.

There are so many opportunities to take pictures at home. Our back yard is beautiful, and our neighbors’ cat blends right in.

When I’m away from home, I get even more inspiration! We don’t get a huge view of the sky where I live, so when I see a huge sky, it makes me want to take as many shots as possible so I can remember it.

What inspires your creativity? Photography, art, writing, or otherwise? 🍁📷🍂

❤ Michelle

Crafty Parents = Crafty Kids

Autumn Lovin' Series Banner

The end of another week—and it couldn’t have come fast enough!

Thanks for checking back in for week 2 of the Autumn Lovin’ Series! If you’d like to start the journey from the beginning, check out this post.

Today’s topic is a little activity for the kiddos! One of my favorite ways to pass the time as a young girl was to take nature walks. We would bring a paper grocery bag along to fill with anything interesting we found along the way: pretty leaves of all colors, sticks, stones, and even bird eggshells.

A brief guide:

Take your child to gather their special supplies. For this particular, no-glue project, tell them to look for sticks and any leaves they may be interested in.

autumn lovin 2.1.jpg
I had to cut my branches down to size. If one way doesn’t work….pull out the big guns! *Parents attempt only*

Once there are a plethora of leaves available and they have chosen some sticks, find a vase or flower pot to arrange the sticks. What you are trying to create is a tree-like form, from which multiple leaves can hang.

autumn lovin 2.4.jpg

I tied a piece of thread around each leaf stem to make a make-shift (very crunchy) ornament. *If you cut these ahead of time, your child can do this on their own, even though it can be tedious!

autumn lovin 2.2.jpg

From here, it’s pretty obvious—hang your sweet ornaments from Mother Nature on your autumn tree. When hanging them by the stems, it mimics leaves falling. I loved how the leaves seemed to dance when the air conditioner blew on them!

autumn lovin 2.3

autumn lovin 2.5
I wrapped my vase in an old peanut bag we had lying around. It made for a soft, autumn touch, don’t you think?

You can hang so many other things from the branches, as well, such as feathers, photos, or even leaves that your child drew instead of delicate ones from outside. My branches are pretty sparse, so you have lots of freedom here!

The best part about doing this really simple, adventure-filled project with your child is how much they can learn about the season. Some questions that might guide this learning activity could be:

  1. Why do leaves fall off of the trees?
  2. What kind of leaves am I picking up/which tree did they come from?
  3. What kind of animals use leaves as camouflage?
  4. What is camouflage?

When I was growing up, I also used to glue all of my crispy leaves to my paper bag to make a fabulous seasonal tote for all of my toys! Though this “tree” isn’t too in-depth a craft project, it provides a wonderful opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fall air. Being outside, picking up pretty leaves, and watching all of the animals in our yard is still probably my favorite thing to do in autumn. Now you can share this joy with the young ones, too!

Happy crafting,

❤ Michelle

P.S. Parents: I know it may seem a bit dirty to keep on your dining table, but how about a patio table? I mean, they made it after all! 😉

Wind and the Coming Storm

Click on this caption to listen to the sound of the wind while you read.


The wind comes before the storm. It’s feelings are always conveyed honestly, and today with a force like tidal waves.

The clouds rush by, unveiling small patches of blue sky. Surely there are foreign objects floating in my coffee, put there by this monstrous wind.


As I sip the coffee from one of my most coveted mugs, I feel the air is anxious and heavy. There is much worry on its breath. The sun shows its garish face for but a moment because clouds dominate the sky. Frogs beneath the grass sense it, too—the coming of a storm. Mittens the cat paces back and forth, wondering why the sun is hiding (or perhaps why I’d forgotten to bring treats).

I filled the birds’ feeder with sunflower seeds a few minutes ago, but I am sure most of them are nestled in their leafy homes in preparation of the squall. The wind is picking up again. It reminds me of rain storms at the beach, when the waves get greater and stronger. The trees mimic the sound of the ocean.

The temperature is too warm for pants, so when the rain begins, my legs will be the first to know of it. The taste of gingerbread coffee on my tongue, thoughts of the gray beach in my mind, the sound of waves and frogs in my ears, and the restless feeling in the air make me wonder if I should return to the confines of my kitchen to see how the stormy day broods on.

The wind’s power-show finally coerces me back inside, a black and white Mittens at my heels.

-7 février 2017, 12:15 pm-

Inspiring Me

Lots of things inspire me — a beautiful sunset, flowers growing in the yard, pretty food (who doesn’t like pretty food?!), my family and pets (Ashes here has an Instagram account if you’re interested), old-fashioned architecture and gardens, and last but not least my boyfriend Danny, who encourages me to always be myself and allows me to hang on him in my [many] times of need. I know I must be a pretty big burden to carry, even if not physically so!

Beautiful, peachy sunset

Angel lily

Scrumptious brunch at Brick and Spoon

My bunny, named Ashes

Longue Vue House and breath-taking fountain

♡Danny and Shell♡

❤ Michelle