The Super Bloody Blue Moon

Let me begin by admitting that before today, I wasn’t absolutely sure of the definition of a “blood moon” or a “blue moon.” Just in case you are also in the dark (pun intended), here’s some explanation!

Blood moon – a lunar eclipse where the moon appears to be red when shadowed by the Earth.

Blue moon – the second full moon in the same month.

Super moon – when the moon is closest to the Earth

This morning before work, Mum fluttered in like a sparrow before the sunrise to remind me of the all-natural, awe-inspiring, magical phenomenon that was the blue blood moon. I was lucky enough to capture a photo that didn’t blur.

Check it:

The Bloody Blue Moon

This super moon lit up the frosty grass with an azure glow. I find the moon mysterious, inviting. Moonlight is only a reflection of the powerful light that our sun creates, but it seems to breathe into us a different life force. While practicing yoga, I learned that the moon is connected to our feminine spirit. Could this be true?

Ever since I can remember, my mother and grandmother wouldn’t sleep well on nights of a full moon. I’ve had this trouble as well. (I’m sure there’s plenty of folklore to keep that tale afloat.) Could our bodies or spirits be connected to the moon like the oceans’ tides? Are we being tugged at in earnest, as the moon closely rotates our planet? Are we closer to our natural satellite than we understand? Is it electric? Is it emotional? Is it biological? Is it magnetic? Is it…spiritual?

Do you feel connected to the universe? Do you feel unusually connected to nature in some way? I’d love to know. 🌘

❤ Michelle