October passes too quickly,
like a friend who visits and
must leave again.
Can we slow its pace?
Enjoy one more sunny day
that doesn’t make us perspire?
Eat squashes and maple syrup,
carve pumpkins and visit festivals?
Where has it

stuffed acorn squash

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Dancing in kimono,
clothing and tea ceremonies,
martial arts,
delicate watercolor and intricate paper crafts—
the Japanese people have such a colorful,
and very symbolic,
We learned how to dress in kimono
and listened to giant drums with heads of hide.
It was a long journey there,
but such a worthwhile experience.
It is enriching to the spirit
to appreciate the positive culture
of countries worldwide.
One day I will go and appreciate their
beautiful, nature-centered culture in person.

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Autumn weather has arrived!
Cool breezes lift my hair from
my shoulders and
lift my feet from the ground,
making me want to dance on their gusts.
Tomorrow brings promises
of joy, appreciation of culture, and
hopefully tasty international cuisine.
Autumn weekends always seem to
free my spirit.

I tried my hand at Oogie Boogie from that one Tim Burton movie

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October skies are clear,
blue and peach paint the
sunset nightly.

Guitars, güiro, trumpets, trombones, vocalists
enlivened the stage tonight with
lifting sweaty people of
all colors and backgrounds from their
Always a party–
anyone always welcomed with
opened arms and swaying hips.

“America is not a country.
It is a continent divided into 3 parts:
North America,
Central America,
and South
It is my belief that anyone
should be free to move here
with good intentions.”

I clapped.

We danced in place;
now my feet ache.
We watched the
sun go down.
One man, though, danced with
such intensity and longevity that
I don’t think he will
walk properly tomorrow
He managed to
fan himself,
and drink…
all while dancing vivaciously.
He was the highlight.

Tamales punctuated our
evening, with a scorching
chili paste chaser–
an appropriately warm ending to
quite a sultry day.

Latin Music Festival – my feet hurt

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a selkie tale – part 31

It was Moire. Her voice was beautiful, as was her human form. She seemed to channel every selkie’s pool of magic and used that extra energy to call forth the ship. The sailors had been broken from their curious trance, but as hard as they tried to steer their ship away from their rocky demise, the selkie folk song was too powerful for the ship to bear.

The ship was thrust forward on a giant wave, and Moire spread out like a cloud to shield her clan from the wreckage. The pirates flew overboard and the ship smashed with an exploding slam. Wood planks and cannon balls were thrown in every direction. The selkies, though, were sheltered completely.

A cry of victory could be heard even over the coming storm. The selkies dove into the waves, following their Chieftess to land. There they would meet the humans and discuss their terms of peace.

“Mum,” Fenella gasped, running up to her side. Moire turned and put her hands on Fenella’s shoulders.

“Fenella, I could not be more proud of you. I’m not fond of working alongside humans, but they have trusted us so far. Now, I must take care of political matters.” Moire gave Fenella’s head a pat and followed the human chief’s beckoning. Fenella watched her mother in awe; never had she seen a more beautiful human–or seal for that matter–in her entire life. She walked gracefully on two feet as if she was human herself.

Fenella heard Oliver shouting her name as he ran to her from Gillespie. When he reached her, he picked her up and spun her in a circle and making her laugh.

“Fenella, thank you! You’ve saved us,” he said in gratitude.

“You’re welcome. I’m relieved that my clan came. I couldn’t have done it without them.” Fenella yawned. The two stood awkwardly with each other for a moment, not sure what to say to each other alone.

Finally, Oliver turned to cup Fenella’s face and press his lips against hers. Fenella felt her knees buckle and her face grow hot as fire. She gripped his shirt with both hands, never wanting it to end. When he pulled away, his eyes were closed and he said, “I hope this means you can stay with us again.”

“Why did I ever leave?” Fenella asked with a grin. Oliver smiled and embraced her again, feeling raindrops finally fall on their faces.