write 31 days – poetry, 2019


Uhm…hello? Is anyone still out there?


Well, I guess that’s what happens when you blog every day for a month straight and then fall off the face of the earth for a year.

If you are still hanging around, have a cookie and a pour a cup of spiced tea! I’m glad you’re reading. October, autumn, orange, crunchy leaves, allergies, acorns denting my car, sap dripping on my windshield, pumpkins, spiced coffees and teas, sweaters, boots, wool socks, anticipation of Halloween… I just adore the fall! I am one of those people who wishes it would just last forever. The only perfect weather we have in Louisiana is in October, and I must admit Anne Shirley says it the best:

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, 1908

With my whole heart, I could solely live in Octobers. Can you imagine? Being able to travel at your leisure and experience everywhere in October? I don ‘t think there’s much of a drawback for me. I’d be content!

Back to this-here challenge, I’ve never written 31 days-worth of poetry. It’s actually terrifying. In my college poetry class, I had an awfully particular professor. Yes–someone very particular with our poetry. We had a weekly assignment to write one poem inspired by one that we’d read on our own, and we had to read it to everyone around the table. I was a little “salty” one week, and I wrote a sickeningly pathetic and adorable prose poem about my rabbit. It really was an awful little thing. I told my peers I wrote it just for him. My classmates knew I just didn’t have it in me that week, but I think Dr. McGuire was offended, which happened even when we put our hearts into our poetry.

I digress! Désolé! Poetry did not come as easily to me as prose writing. It does have structure. Some kind of structure. Whatever structure you want it to have. That’s one reason I love poetry in its own way. I admire poets because every word–no–every letter means something. Every space, or lack of one, is there for a reason. Poetry turns you into an explorer of a dark jungle of psychology, linguistics, pop culture, and so much more.

I find that my poetry is more clear and observant of my surroundings. I love writing poetry to my senses more than my feelings, though sometimes the feels get real strong and I’ve got to jot something down.

TLDR – Alright, I’m finished… But not with this challenge! If you are still here (somewhere next door on WordPress or in the parallel October to mine), send some inspiration and encouragement my way. I’m sure I’ll need it. I hope I can return that favor with some poetry to which you can connect. Prenez plaisir!

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